Compliance with International Telecommunication Union Radio Regulations

SECNAVINST 5710.33 - Publish Date: 12/05/19

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This instruction establishes guidance regarding Department of the Navy compliance with the International Telecommunication Union Radio Regulations (ITU RR), an international treaty governing the global use of the radio-frequency spectrum. Specifically, this instruction clarifies DON roles and responsibilities concerning compliance with ITU RR and participation in ITU activities for the following organizations: the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition), DON Chief Information Officer, Chief of Naval Operations, Commandant of the Marine Corps, and the Navy and Marine Corps Spectrum Center.

This instruction establishes DON policy that: So far as possible, the DON shall comply with all provisions of the ITU RR while also complying with Federal and Department of Defense policy and guidance regarding international allocation of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS). Additionally, the DON shall proactively inform and shape ITU RR to protect existing DON global EMS capabilities and operations while accommodating and promoting the introduction of new, agile, and more flexible Spectrum-Dependent Systems within a dynamic EMS operating environment.

The DON engages globally with various multinational organizations to accommodate the international presence of our naval forces and to ensure the availability of spectrum resources. Effective engagement in the international spectrum regulatory environment such as ITU RR is critical to the DON’s ability to meet mission requirements around the world.

In addition to this website, SECNAV Instruction 5710.33 will be available from the DON Issuances website.

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