DoD NIPRNET DMZ HTTP Whitelist Testing

DTG 241757Z APR 09 - Publish Date: 04/24/09

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This Naval message is about the NIPRNet Hardening Initiative. The first increment of this initiative involves the registering, testing, and restricting access to and from the Internet of all public-facing File Transfer Protocol (FTP), web, e-mail and Domain Name System (DNS) servers. The first step in this first increment was successfully completed. The DON CIO congratulates all involved for a job well done. This message includes information about the next step in the process, specifically, how this step is more complex than the first step. Additionally, it provides information about this step’s possible effects on the DON during and after the testing. Lastly, the DON CIO emphasizes how important this initiative is to ensuring NIPRNet availability to the warfighters and those who support the warfighters.

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