April-June 2021

April-June 2021 Issue
By John Bunkall
By Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer, Office of the DON Chief Data Officer
By Doug James
By Kristina Cross, Cyber Workforce Program Manager, Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic
By Jane Rathbun, CTO and DASN(IWAR), and Louis Koplin, Deputy CTO
By Office of the Chief Digital Innovation Officer, DON CIO
NAVFAC EXWC lab offers innovative collaboration platform for scientists and engineers
By NAVFAC EXWC Command Information Officer Team and Public Affairs Office
By Diana Stefko, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division Corporate Communication
By DCNO for Information Warfare (OPNAV N2N6) Public Affairs (NAVY.MIL 11 MAY 2021)
By Michelle Ku, PEO MLB Public Affairs
By Zachariah H. Karp, PEO Digital Public Affairs

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