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CHIPS Articles: 14 Civilian Leaders Receive FY16 Presidential Rank Awards

14 Civilian Leaders Receive FY16 Presidential Rank Awards
By Chief of Information Public Affairs - October 25, 2017
WASHINGTON, D.C. (NNS) -- Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Richard V. Spencer presented 14 Department of the Navy (DoN) civilian leaders with fiscal year 2016 Presidential Rank Awards during a ceremony at the Pentagon Sept. 14.

Executives and senior professionals who earned the awards demonstrated significant achievements throughout their careers.

"For those of you who are being recognized, know that the awards are truly a real accomplishment," said Spencer. "The process was extremely thorough, and it ensured you consistently exemplified the highest levels of leadership, strength and integrity. Your talent, your skills, your expertise would put high demands for you for an outside organization, but you've chosen a higher calling. You've chosen a life of service to your nation, and for that, we are grateful."

Acting Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) Robert Woods hosted the ceremony on behalf of DON.

"This ceremony was a really important show of our appreciation for those who've taken the time to share their expertise with the department and serve the country," he said. "We look forward to working with you in the future as well, and we look forward to your continued leadership, guidance and expertise in the years to come."

Two categories of Presidential Rank Award are available: Distinguished Rank Recipients and Meritorious Rank Recipients. Distinguished Rank Recipients are recognized for sustained extraordinary accomplishment. Only one percent of the career Senior Executive Service (SES) or Senior Level/Scientific and professional (SL/ST) positions may receive this rank. Meritorious Rank Recipients are recognized for sustained accomplishment. No more than five percent of career SES or SL/ST members may receive this award.

The FY16 recipients were:

Distinguished Executives

Brian W. Callender, director, Reactor Refueling, Naval Sea Systems Command

Robert D. Hogue, counsel for the Commandant, United States Marine Corps

Donald F. McCormack, Jr., executive director, Naval Surface and Undersea Warfare Centers, Naval Sea Systems Command

Meritorious Executives

Steve C. Cade, executive director of Military Sealift Command; formerly director, Fleet Capabilities and Force Development, U.S. Fleet Forces Command

William J. Deligne, deputy executive director for Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Systems Center Atlantic; formerly executive director, NAVSEA

Steffanie B. Easter, principal deputy assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology); formerly executive director for the F-35 Joint Program Office

Michael R. Gutermuth, director, Shipbuilding Contracts Division, Naval Sea Systems Command

Dr. William H. Luebke, director, Readiness and Logistics, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command; formerly technical director for Naval Surface Warfare Center Port Hueneme Division, Naval Sea Systems Command

Brian J. Persons, former deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Warfare Systems (N9) and vice director, Navy Staff

Dr. Banahalli R. Ratna, superintendent, Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

James H. Smerchansky, executive director of Naval Sea Systems Command; formerly executive director for Marine Corps Systems Command, United States Marine Corps

Patrick M. Sullivan, executive director of Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

Meritorious Senior Professionals

Dr. Jerry R. Meyer, Navy senior scientist for Quantum Electronics, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Dr. David A. Stenger, senior scientist, Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 established the Presidential Rank Awards Program to recognize a select group of career members of the SES for exceptional performance over an extended period of time. Later, the Rank Award statute was amended to extend eligibility to senior career employees with a sustained record of exceptional professional, technical and/or scientific achievement recognized on a national or international level.

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