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CHIPS Articles: National Academy of Inventors recognizes Dr. Paul Swanson as Senior Member

National Academy of Inventors recognizes Dr. Paul Swanson as Senior Member
By Patric Petrie, SSC Pacific Public Affairs - February 13, 2019
SAN DIEGO — Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific) is delighted to announce Dr. Paul David Swanson has been elected as a Senior Member of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI).

Over his 25 plus-year professional career, Swanson has consistently demonstrated a proven and infectious spirit of innovation. He holds 55 U.S. utility patents, six U.S. design patents, and has an additional 43 U.S. utility patents pending.

In his first month of working at SSC Pacific, Swanson invented a new means of measuring inertial forces using a micro-resonator operating in the time domain with improved accuracy and reduced phase noise. This innovation resulted in 14 related patents, most of which were licensed by a local start-up, Lumedyne Technologies. In 2016, Lumedyne had grown to 26 employees and was acquired by Google for $85M. His patents generated a seven figure royalty income for the U.S. Navy and taxpayers.

In the biotechnology field, Swanson has contributed to 29 patents related to molecular biological analysis and diagnostics. He also has six design patents on diagnostic devices and related fluid cartridges. He has been directly involved in four San Diego start-ups (Nanogen, Nexogen, Biological Dynamics, and Edan Diagnostics). He was the 23rd employee at Nanogen, a company his inventions helped grow to hundreds of employees and a billion-dollar market capitalization. He left Nanogen, and with three colleagues formed Nexogen and negotiated a joint licensing agreement with Ador Diagnostics for marketing the technology he developed at Nanogen and Nexogen. He has also been a consultant for Biological Dynamics since their inception, helping them design and manufacture their electrode arrays which use dielectrophoresis to find free DNA in blood samples; a symptom of cell self-destruction that can be used to detect early stage cancers and monitor the performance of cancer treatments.

SSC Pacific's mission: To conduct research, development, engineering, and support of integrated command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, cyber, and space systems across all warfighting domains, and to rapidly prototype, conduct test and evaluation, and provide acquisition, installation, and in-service engineering support.

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