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CHIPS Articles: A Salute to the DON Cyberspace/IT Workforce

A Salute to the DON Cyberspace/IT Workforce
By Sharon Anderson - July-September 2013
Department of the Navy civilian personnel, as well as Defense Department and the larger federal workforce, have been through particularly challenging times in the last three years of fiscal uncertainty. While our military partners have had their challenges as well, perhaps the civilian workforce has experienced the most disheartening of the effects, but they have not faltered in their dedication to duty. In the Navy and Marine Corps, military and civilian personnel continue to work closely side-by-side to meet the department’s national security mission.

This issue of CHIPS is dedicated to the DON cyberspace/IT workforce, in recognition and appreciation of your outstanding achievements and esprit de corps in operating and protecting the department’s cyber assets. We salute your unceasing ability to fulfill the DON mission and your unfailing professionalism! In this issue, you will find articles and interviews to draw your attention to resources and training opportunities for military and civilian cyberspace/IT professionals in academic and certification programs, as well as other articles and interviews that focus on the outstanding accomplishments of the cyberspace/IT workforce.

Based on readers' feedback, to encourage online reading and in the spirit of increasing IT efficiencies, beginning with the July-September 2013 edition, we will no longer publish a PDF with each edition. We will continue to publish a quarterly edition of CHIPS, but will also update the CHIPS website with news items more frequently in our quest to continually exceed your expectations of the DON’s IT magazine. Readers are invited to return to the CHIPS website often for news updates, and authors may submit articles to CHIPS editors at

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ATLANTIC OCEAN (Feb. 2, 2013) Mr. James Thaxton, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) employee supporting the Deploying Group Systems Integration Testing (DGSIT) team, works with a USS Kearsarge Sailor on the Amphibious Assault Direction System console during a recent visit. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Hunter S. Harwell.
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (May 15, 2013) Retired Marine Corps Col. Kenyon Gill, left, Assistant Chief of Staff, G6 for Marine Forces Command, Rear Adm. Gretchen S. Herbert, commander of Navy Cyber Forces, and Terry Halvorsen, Department of the Navy (DON) Chief Information Officer (CIO), present a panel discussion titled, “Recruiting, Training, and Maintaining Talent in the Cyber Worksforce.” The panel answered questions from an audience consisting of military and civilian guests at the East: Joint Warfighting 2013 Conference at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. U.S. Navy photo by Robin Hicks/Navy Cyber Forces.

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