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CHIPS Articles: New Program Office Joins PEO EIS

New Program Office Joins PEO EIS
By Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems Public Affairs - January-March 2018
ARLINGTON, Va. (NNS) -- The Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) established the Enterprise Systems and Services (E2S) program management office, PMW 250, at a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, January 29, 2018. The program office is dedicated to developing secure business information technology (IT) solutions supporting a wide array of Navy, Marine Corps and other Department of Defense (DoD) customers. Plank holders for PMW 250 gathered for the ribbon cutting at the PEO EIS headquarters in Arlington, VA along with its remote offices watching via video teleconference in New Orleans, Pensacola, Orlando and San Diego.

"I am thrilled to welcome PMW 250 to our portfolio of programs," said the Program Executive Officer for EIS, Ms. Ruth Youngs Lew. "It's not every day that we get to stand up a new program office. Our new E2S program will provide capable and cost-wise enterprise network, business, and fleet support information technology to the Department of the Navy."

PEO EIS realigned existing programs and systems from the Sea Warrior Program (PMW 240) to launch the new PMW 250, enabling both organizations to better focus on their respective customers. The E2S program office will leverage the best practices of an abbreviated acquisition process to deliver rapid capabilities to Navy needs.

"It's an honor to serve as the first Program Manager in PMW 250," said Kevin Allen, program manager for the E2S program management office. "We've been planning this day for a few months, and I'm excited for the year ahead delivering IT capabilities to our Navy and DoD customers. I have a great team assembled, and I look forward to our portfolio offering career opportunities for our employees as well as others to join us in the future."

PMW 250's portfolio includes the Department of the Navy Tasking, Records, and Consolidated Knowledge Enterprise Repository (DON TRACKER), SharePoint enterprise portal hosting- iNAVY, DON IT Portfolio Repository/DON Application and Database Management Systems (DITPR-DADMS), Naval Justice Information System (NJIS), Joint Air Logistics Information System (JALIS), Navy Customer Service-NAVY 311, Navy Information Application Product Suite (NIAPS), and Risk Management Information (RMI).

PMW 250 is part of PEO EIS, which oversees a portfolio of enterprise-wide information technology (IT) programs designed to enable common business processes and provide standard IT capabilities to Sailors at sea, Marines in the field and their support systems.

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