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CHIPS Articles: Battlespace Exploitation of Mixed Reality

Battlespace Exploitation of Mixed Reality
By SSC Pacific - November 20, 2017
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific’s (SSC Pacific) BEMR laboratory demonstrates how cutting-edge, low-cost commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) mixed reality technology—virtual and augmented reality—is applied to training, operations, prototyping, and maintenance applications within the Navy and Marine Corps in the near future.

  • Technology
  • Virtual equipment environment (V2E) government off–the-shelf (GOTS) virtual parts assembly and disassembly engine. We have the ability to virtualize any maintenance training course within the modular V2E framework. Allows for display of virtual content on any device (2D, 3D, AR/VR, tablet)
  • GunnAR unified gunner system with augmented reality system consists of a gunner wearing an augmented reality headset, and a gunnery liaison officer (GLO) sending commands to it through a tablet interface. The idea was awarded the winning prize in the Navy’s first Innovation Jam.
  • 3D fleet scanning and virtual planning environment is a prototype demonstration of the Navy’s future ship installation planning environment. This effort was awarded the 2016 SECNAV Innovation Award and has a paper published at I/ITSEC.
  • Aircraft Carrier Environment Simulator (ACES) is a networked simulation environment initially focused on the Landing Signal Officer (LSO), Air Boss, and Catapult Officer positions that will eventually allow for the training of any position in the air department tailored to that individual’s specific aircraft carrier.
  • For more information: Heidi Buck | BEMR Director |

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Download the <a href=" " alt='Link will open in a new window.' target='whole'>BEMR factsheet</a> from the DON Innovation website.
Download the BEMR factsheet from the DON Innovation website.
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