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CHIPS Articles: College students are you looking for a unique job opportunity? Be a Naval Research Enterprise Intern

College students are you looking for a unique job opportunity? Be a Naval Research Enterprise Intern
Applications due Oct. 31
By CHIPS Magazine - September 29, 2017
The prestigious Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP) provides an opportunity for students to participate in innovative research at a Department of Navy (DON) laboratory during the summer.

NREIP seeks to encourage participating students to pursue science and engineering careers, to further education via mentoring by laboratory personnel and their participation in research, and to make them aware of DON national security research and technology efforts, which can lead to employment within the Department of the Navy.

Participating students spend 10 weeks during the summer conducting research at approximately 38 DON laboratories, under the guidance of an appropriate research mentor. NREIP provided competitive research internships to approximately 560 college students last summer.

The intern program is designed to provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in research. NREIP interns will be selected based on academic achievement, personal statements, recommendations, and career and research interests.

Stipend levels will be determined by the student's years of participation in the NREIP program. Stipends will range from $5,400 to $10,800. Stipends will be paid bi-weekly via direct deposit.

NREIP benefits and eligibility requirements

  • $5,400: New undergraduate student participants should possess a minimum of 31 credits by the end of Spring 2018.
  • $8,100: Returning undergraduate students must have completed a full 10-week program in a prior year to receive this level.
  • $10,800: Graduate students acceptances must be received by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), which is the administrator of the program, by May 1, 2018 to receive this level.
  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens. Permanent residents and dual citizens may be accepted at a few labs. Please consult the lab's page to be certain.
  • Students graduating in the Spring 2018 semester are eligible to apply. If you expect to graduate by Fall 2017, unfortunately, you are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must be on track to acquire a minimum of 31 credit by the end of Spring 2018. Eligibility will be determined by the number of credits you possess at the end of Spring 2018.
  • Applicants should have majors relevant to the research interests of the laboratories.
  • Students attending two-year colleges, who meet the major and credit requirements, may be eligible at the laboratory's discretion. Please contact the laboratory you are interested in directly to find out if you meet their requirements, as they may vary.

NREIP's Online Application closes on October 31, 2017!

The last day to submit an application will be Oct. 31, 2017 at 6:00 PM Eastern. References and transcripts are also due on Oct. 31, 2017 at 6:00 PM Eastern.

Apply at

Awardees, as well as non-awardees for the Summer 2018 NREIP Program, will be notified in December 2017. Start dates will vary based on the lab. The earliest anyone can start at a lab is mid-May.

For opportunities at the high school level check out the Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP).

Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program poster
Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program poster
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