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CHIPS Articles: FY18 Secretary of the Navy’s Naval Innovation Advisory Council Innovation Bootcamp and Orientation Week

FY18 Secretary of the Navy’s Naval Innovation Advisory Council Innovation Bootcamp and Orientation Week
By DON Innovation - September 8, 2017
The Secretary of the Navy’s (SECNAV’s) Innovation Advisors identify, assess, and recommend innovation opportunities to the SECNAV and other Department of the Navy (DON) senior leaders. As a SECNAV Innovation Advisor, they are required to:

• Conduct research and provide recommendations (with implementation plans) for senior leadership.
• Build an effective network of military, federal, academic, and private sector experts.
• Identify, assess, and recommend innovation opportunities for SECNAV’s consideration.
• Complete training and research on specific topics related to DON Innovation.

Naval Innovation Advisory Council (NIAC) membership consists of active duty Sailors and Marines who will normally serve 12 month assignments. As the Innovation Advisors are drawn directly from the Fleet and Force, they are not initially experts with refined skills in research, industry engagement, assessment, and other talents that must be employed. Therefore, the Innovation Bootcamp was developed to improve their skillset in these areas.

The FY18 SECNAV’s NIAC Innovation Bootcamp is a three-week course that is focused on classwork that has been developed within industry and academia. These classes build upon the initial skills resonant within the Innovations Advisors, and raise them to levels that are required for the tasks that they face during their tour of duty.

• Bootcamp Introduction
• Introduction to Research
• Writing Seminar
• Design Thinking
• Option Awareness and Decision Space
• Illuminate Program (Human Centered Design)
• Neuroscience of Innovation
• Guiding Enterprise Transformation
• Rigorous Interview Techniques
• Immersive Data Visualization
• Guiding Organizational Change
• Systems Thinking
• Introduction to Serious Gaming
• Modeling for Non-Modelers
• Risk Intelligence
• Innovation & Leadership
• Innovation Reading List

Additionally, the Innovation Advisors will participate in the FY18 NIAC Orientation Week. This one-week course is focused on classwork that has been developed to increase understanding of the current innovation initiatives, capabilities, programs, and processes within the Department of Defense (DOD), as well as allowing the Innovation Advisors the opportunity to receive guidance directly from DON senior leaders.

• Meet with DON senior leaders
- Meet with the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV)
- Meet with the Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy for Management [DUSN(M)]
- Meet with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Unmanned Systems (DASN UxS)
- Welcome Aboard Briefing with the Director of Strategy & Innovation
• Overview of DON/DOD Initiatives
- History of DON Innovation
- DON Innovation Overview
- DON Innovation Sustainment Group (DISG) Overview
- Data and Information Technology (IT) Development Timeline
- Joint Advanced Manufacturing Region (JAMR) Overview
- Ethics Briefing
- Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Policy & Innovation
- Navy Digital Warfare Office (within OPNAV N2/N6)
- Secretary of the Navy Tours with Industry Program [within ASN(M&RA)]
- Defense Innovation Unit-Experimental (DIUx) Overview
• Site Visits
- Office of Naval Research (ONR) Site Visit
- U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Site Visit • Management Skills
- Financial Management
- Document Management
- Project Management
- Schedule Management
- Personnel Management

To learn more about Department of the Navy Innovation, the Secretary of the Navy’s Naval Innovation Advisory Council, or establishing a Command Innovation Boot Camp, go to:

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