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CHIPS Articles: IWTC San Diego Completes SSEE INC E Maintenance Antenna Workshop

IWTC San Diego Completes SSEE INC E Maintenance Antenna Workshop
By Center for Information Warfare Training - September 6, 2017
SAN DIEGO -- Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) San Diego wrapped up its first Ships Signal Exploitation Space Increment E (SSEE INC E) Maintenance Antenna Workshop, Sept. 5.

This initiative, as part of the Center for Information Warfare Training's (CIWT) cryptologic training modernization effort, provides cryptologic technician (maintenance) (CTM) Sailors with the operational skills to familiarize themselves with basic radar theory as well as troubleshooting and managing cryptologic resources.

"The information warfare community is continually fluctuating, and developing a workshop like this only makes the CTM community that much more efficient at what they do," said Cryptologic Technician (Maintenance) First Class Thomas Koch, chief instructor. "The effort and requirements that go into a workshop of this caliber require a great deal of effort, and our CTM team here has done an excellent job.”

CTMs perform maintenance on electrical and electronic cryptologic systems used for communications, analysis, monitoring, tracking, recognition and identification, electronic attack and physical security. They also install, test, troubleshoot, repair or replace cryptologic equipment and evaluate information operations, information warfare systems, and information assurance in support of national and fleet tasking.

IWTC San Diego has updated other cryptologic courses, but this workshop served as a test for a new course of instruction that could potentially develop into an additional training curriculum, or “F” school.

"Resetting the training standards in our schoolhouse will create a ripple effect throughout the fleet," said Master Chief Cryptologic Technician (Maintenance) Neil Watson, CIWT's CTM rating lead. "The revised courses are far more challenging and in-depth than previous versions, and our goal is that the Sailors we train will take the knowledge they gained here and improve upon divisional training aboard their ships. We hope to see our efforts lead to improvement in overall fleet training and readiness."

Students in the SSEE INC E Maintenance Antenna Workshop will further develop their skills in areas including electrical safety; antenna tour; radio frequency theory; cables and connectors; weatherization; time domain reflectometer and voltage standing wave ratio usage and resistance testing.

"It's our job to stay ahead of the threat, and with this updated material, we will continue to do so," said Cryptologic Technician (Maintenance) Second Class Parker Kraft, a student in the workshop.

IWTC San Diego, as part of the CIWT organization, provides a continuum of training to Navy and joint service personnel, preparing them to conduct Information Warfare (IW) across the full spectrum of military operations.

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Logo for Information Warfare Training Command San Diego.  U.S. Navy graphic by Michele Diamond
Logo for Information Warfare Training Command San Diego. U.S. Navy graphic by Michele Diamond
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