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CHIPS Articles: My Navy Portal Now Includes a Low Bandwidth Version

My Navy Portal Now Includes a Low Bandwidth Version
By Sea Warrior Program (PEO EIS PMW 240) - September 5, 2017
WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The U.S. Navy announced Sept. 1 that last week's update to My Navy Portal (MNP) includes a low bandwidth version that can be accessed afloat, or ashore in areas with limited bandwidth. This latest updated version gives users the option to choose the low bandwidth upon login, or from any page within the portal. By removing all photos, graphics, and formatting found on the standard version, the low bandwidth option is designed to load faster, perform smoother, and enables users to quickly complete Navy career tasks within the portal.

Launched earlier this year in beta, MNP is a Web portal designed to aggregate several personnel, training, and education websites for Sailors into one location. The goal of MNP is to provide Sailors a single portal with which they can manage their careers from the day they join to the day they separate. MNP will consolidate access to personnel databases, training and education systems, and supporting websites into one easy-to-use system. Sailors will see continued improvement and added functionality with each quarterly software update to MNP.

More information can be found in the Support/MNP Help section in the portal's main menu.

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