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CHIPS Articles: CMIO Holds Change of Charge Ceremony

CMIO Holds Change of Charge Ceremony
By IT1 Jacquietta Rasberry, NCMS Public Affairs - August 25, 2017
NAVAL STATION NORFOLK, Va. – Lt. Cmdr. David Limmer relieved Lt. Cmdr. Brian Tyler as Officer In Charge of Communications Security Material Issuing Office (CMIO) during a change of charge ceremony at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, Aug. 11.

“Promoting three civilians, improving CMIO employee working conditions, creating a billet to support embedded [communications security] COMSEC, negotiated with Navy Supply Weapons System Support which provided $180,00,00 for the Embedded COMSEC mission, and implementing embedded COMSEC workshops to improve device requisition," said Tyler, who commented about his greatest accomplishments while at the command. Tyler will transfer to U.S. Fleet Cyber Command.

Limmer flew EA-6B Prowlers with Electronic Attack Squadron One Three Six in Japan, deploying aboard USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) and USS George Washington (CVN 73), accumulating nearly 500 flight hours, and 79 day/41 night carrier–arrested landings. He participated in multiple exercises including RIMPAC and Cope North.

After a lateral transfer to the Information Professional Community in 2009, Limmer served as Deputy Joint Base Communications Officer at Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Guam. He oversaw more than 70 civilians and was chosen to lead the command’s team during the Shore Manpower Requirements Determination process, resulting in an increase to manning requirement by more than 20 personnel.

Limmer ensured uninterrupted command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) support during exercise Valiant Shield and coordinated comprehensively with displaced military and civilian personnel to provide GIG connectivity during Operation Tomodachi.

A qualified Information Warfare Officer, Limmer’s last assignment was to CNE-CNA-C6F supporting operations Active Endeavor, At-Sea-Demo 15, Atlantic Sentry, Junction Rain, Junction Serpent, Odyssey Lightning, OPCW, Rainmaker, and Sharp Sentry, and exercises: Austere Challenge, BALTOPS, Judicious Response, Juniper Cobra, Saber Junction, Silent Response, Steadfast Cobalt, and Trident Juncture. He holds a number of qualifications, certifications, Navy sub-specialties as well as personal, unit, and service awards.

“My plan is to sustain the high level of excellence set by Cmdr. (sel) Tyler,” said Limmer. “This will be accomplished through the civil servants at CMIO who are exceptionally professional and are my greatest resource. One of the biggest challenges I face is that CMIO's mission is unknown throughout the fleet; in fact, the very existence of CMIO is not well-known, even within the Information Professional community. I plan to change that. CMIO ensures that the units who require military grade encryption have the hardware and software necessary to communicate securely.”

Limmer entered the Navy January 2005, and was commissioned through the Officer Candidate School (OCS) Program April 2005.

CMIO delivers accurate, secure, and timely database maintenance of COMSEC keying material (KEYMAT) and cryptographic equipment distribution to more than 700 accounts throughout the Department of the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Military Sealift Command and the National COMSEC community.

Naval Communications Security Material System official seal
Naval Communications Security Material System official seal
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