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CHIPS Articles: Dr. Kelly E. Fletcher, Acting DON CIO

Dr. Kelly E. Fletcher, Acting DON CIO
By Dr. Kelly E. Fletcher, Acting DON CIO - July-September 2017
I am very pleased to address you as Acting Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer. Though I am sad to see Rob Foster go, I’m excited by the things that are happening here in DON information technology and the contributions IT will make to Navy and Marine Corps capabilities. As Mr. Foster wrote in this space recently, DON CIO and the Service CIOs have been hard at work on improving cybersecurity and the DON's data-driven capabilities; I will continue DON CIO's concentration in those areas.

As DON Principal Deputy CIO, I was engaged in developing a process for the Department to prioritize investments in IT around a common strategy. The smart employment of constrained resources is critical to all of our other projects, and this is something that I will continue to emphasize as Acting CIO.

I feel fortunate to have such great Navy-Marine Corps teammates, and I look forward to what we will achieve together.

View Mr. Foster's previous column.

Dr. Kelly E. Fletcher
Dr. Kelly E. Fletcher
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