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CHIPS Articles: Tune in: Outgoing DON CIO Rob Foster’s Exit Interview

Tune in: Outgoing DON CIO Rob Foster’s Exit Interview
By CHIPS Magazine - July-September 2017
Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer Robert Foster spoke with Jason Miller, host of Federal News Radio’s Ask the CIO program Aug. 15. In the interview, Foster discussed several of the DON CIO team’s focus areas, which he led during his two-plus years as the DON CIO, including the integration of privacy and cybersecurity, expanding mobility opportunities and moving the department to the Risk Management Framework.

In the interview, Foster said he has mixed emotions about leaving the Department of the Navy. He has said many times that he considers being the DON CIO as the apex of his career.

Foster announced earlier this month that he will be joining the National Credit Union Administration as its deputy CIO, where he will be responsible for delivering IT services. His last day as DON CIO is Aug. 18.

Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer Dr. Kelly E. Fletcher will be the acting DON CIO until a permanent selection is made, according to Foster.

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