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CHIPS Articles: Joint Service Provider celebrates second anniversary of improving DoD’s cyber posture

Joint Service Provider celebrates second anniversary of improving DoD’s cyber posture
By DISA News - August 14, 2017
The Joint Service Provider (JSP), an organization established in 2015 to consolidate information technology (IT) services provided to more than 38,000 customers in the Pentagon and National Capital Region, celebrated its second anniversary July 20.

“You, and the entirety of our workforce, are the driving force behind this mission,” said JSP Director Air Force Brig Gen Brian Dravis in an email to JSP personnel.

JSP is slated to become a Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) field activity Oct. 1. More than 430 DoD civilians and military members on staff will become DISA employees.

The organization, which was formed by consolidating the Army’s Information Technology Agency and DoD’s Washington Headquarters Services’ Enterprise Information Technology Services Directorate, has been an independently operated field activity reporting to the director of DISA since 2015.

The consolidation resulted in a savings of $30.7 million in fiscal year (FY) 2016, and will result in an estimated savings of $354.3 million in FY17-21.

Since its 2015 establishment, JSP has undertaken several major initiatives.

  • The organization implemented a Wi-Fi network with 1,700 access points throughout the Pentagon.
  • A JSP hardware accountability and asset management division was established to consolidate and inventory all JSP equipment, providing greater efficiency in the management of IT assets in the National Capital Region.
  • JSP team members delivered the first ever Pentagon demilitarized zone for all public facing websites.
  • The staff has rapidly improved DoD’s cyber posture by conducting in-person cyber-defense training sessions for more than 16,000 DoD personnel at the Pentagon.
  • JSP is currently halfway through implementing Windows 10 on Unclassified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet) and Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) workstations across its customer base. More than 20,000 workstations have already been migrated.

In the coming months, the organization is focused on modernizing the technical infrastructure that supports their customers, standardizing servers, and migrating the Pentagon’s networks to the Joint Regional Security Stacks.

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