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CHIPS Articles: Department of the Navy Gold Coast Procurement Event Aug. 22-23, 2017

Department of the Navy Gold Coast Procurement Event Aug. 22-23, 2017
By Ollie Cooperwood, Department of the Navy Office of Small Business Programs - August 14, 2017
The 29th Annual National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Department of the Navy (DON) Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event will be held August 22 - 23 in San Diego, California, at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center. Last year’s event grew to over 1,500 registrants from all across the country and we anticipate that this year’s event to continue that trend.

This event will enable participants interested in doing business with Navy and Marine Corps the opportunity to communicate with small business professionals representing the DON's 10 major buying commands, and to learn how their products, services and technology can support the Navy and Marine Corps mission.

DON Gold Coast is an opportunity for the acquisition workforce to listen, network and interact with small businesses as a part of their market research. The event hosted exhibitors from every socio-economic certification with products and services such as, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Program Management, Engineering and many more.

This year’s event will feature a number of highly qualified small business professionals as well as senior leadership from the DON and Department of Defense (DoD). Topics for the event will include:

  • DON Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) Strategic Priorities
  • Small Business Cyber Security — A Top Priority
  • Unmanned Systems
  • Suspension and Debarment — What You Need to Know
  • Government Contracts Panel: Simplifying Complexity — Removing Barriers to Small Business Participation in the Industrial Base
  • Navy and Marine Corps Readiness Issues
  • Navy and Marine Corps Construction
  • Updates on Seaport-E

The event will also feature a matchmaking session where interested small businesses are paired with small business professionals from the DON’s 10 major buying commands for a 10-15 minute face-to face meeting to learn about specific contracting and subcontracting opportunities. Members of the DON’s acquisition workforce are welcome to participate in these matchmaking sessions and in discussions with attendees at your command’s exhibit. Coordinate details with your command’s small business professional.

The mission of the DON Small Business Enterprise is to foster acquisition opportunities where small businesses can best support Sailors, Marines and their families in accomplishing their mission and to influence change and create a culture of small business inclusiveness across the DON. DON OSBP accomplishes this through policy, advocacy, counseling and training through outreach events such as this, Sea-Air-Space and the various Navy Weeks.

Make plans to join us August 22-23, 2017 in San Diego at the Town and Country. For more information on DON Gold Coast please visit the website:

For more information on the DON's Small Business Program, upcoming outreach events and our 10 major buying commands visit us at:

Follow on social media at Facebook, @NAVYOSBP and Twitter @DoN_OSBP.

Department of the Navy Gold Coast Procurement Event Aug. 22-23, 2017
Department of the Navy Gold Coast Procurement Event Aug. 22-23, 2017
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