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CHIPS Articles: Defense Entrepreneurs Forum Annual Innovation Competition

Defense Entrepreneurs Forum Annual Innovation Competition
By Defense Entrepreneurs Forum - August 3, 2017
This year the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum is partnering with MD5 to stage its annual innovation competition, which will be focusing on early stage ventures (pre-Series A) that are working on solutions with both commercial and defense/security applications. Areas of interest include: 3D printing, aerospace, AI and machine learning, IoT and MedTech.

The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF) is dedicated to empowering emerging leaders from across the defense enterprise to create impact through innovation. MD5 is the Department of Defense’s National Security Technology Accelerator. Our goal is to get the most innovative projects in front of investors and the senior leaders who can support them. Some innovators need money, some need an advocate to cut through the entrenched bureaucracy, others want to recruit innovators to join their team.

We will be showcasing an elite group of early-stage startups that are developing products with high potential to address both critical national security problems and commercial markets. Finalists selected to present at the event will have the opportunity to address high impact investors, defense and security industry representatives, and government leaders and connect around future MD5-sponsored opportunities.

For participation details and deadline dates, please visit:

Established in 2015 and based at Fort McNair in Washington, D.C., MD5 is a novel public-private partnership between the National Defense University, New York University, and a network of national research universities that seeks to reinvigorate civil-military technology collaboration and value creation through the development of a National Security Innovation Corps — entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs — solving high-tech problems in the interest of national security. For more information about MD5, visit

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