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CHIPS Articles: National Security Agency Technology Transfer Program Releases Latest Patent Portfolio

National Security Agency Technology Transfer Program Releases Latest Patent Portfolio
By NSA News - July 7, 2017
The National Security Agency's (NSA) Technology Transfer Program announces an updated portfolio of NSA patents available for licensing.

From digital camera fingerprinting to streamlined synchronization of communication devices, the patent portfolio represents NSA's premier innovations available for use in the private sector. The NSA TTP team creates these partnerships between the Agency and industry, ensuring that NSA's investment in mission research finds additional uses that benefit the U.S. economy.

The NSA patent portfolio is easily searchable and available online at under NSA Technologies Available to License. It features color coded categories, indexing, and keyword cross-referencing for ease of use in both electronic and manual formats.


The NSA Technology Transfer Program, located within the Research Directorate, operates under a federal mandate to move agency technology out of the lab and into the commercial marketplace. Successful transfer and commercialization of NSA technologies:

  • Gives traction to the federal government's annual commitment to research and development, now totaling over $145 billion;
  • Accelerates NSA mission solutions;
  • Creates new companies, new jobs, and new revenue; and
  • Strengthens the economy, which in turn, strengthens national security.

The new portfolio helps the NSA TTP team continue to create partnerships and ignite innovation to advance NSA's mission and to create positive economic impacts.

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