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CHIPS Articles: Naval Wargaming Becomes a Collaborative Community

Naval Wargaming Becomes a Collaborative Community
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By Lt. Cmdr. Brian Ross, Naval War College - April-June 2017
In response to direction from the Secretary of the Navy, the U.S. Naval War College’s War Gaming Department was designated the executive agent to establish a virtual community of practice to reinvigorate and expand wargaming across the Department of the Navy as a way to understand challenges, stimulate innovation, and inform hard decisions faced by Navy and Marine Corps leaders.

The Naval Wargaming Virtual Community of Practice (vCoP) has been established to create a collaborative network for stakeholders from across the naval enterprise to inform national policy, prepare our warfighters for successful combat operations, and contribute to the development of our Sailors and Marines as professionals and as strategic thinkers.

The wargaming community is now supported by an unclassified website open to all Department of the Navy common access card holders. The site ( select email certificate) contains information, tools and training for professional and novice wargamers to interact, share ideas and stimulate innovative solutions for current and future warfighting challenges. Members will have the ability to collaborate, learn and share information and knowledge through capabilities such as:

  • Group Forums to promote collaboration and sharing of information.
  • Digital library of wargaming reports, references, education and training material for learning about wargaming.
  • Blog posts where wargaming subject matter experts share knowledge and lessons identified.
  • A venue for experimentation with virtual and online gaming.
  • Naval wargaming community calendar of events and items of interest.
  • Ability to correspond directly with other members of the naval wargaming community.

The unclassified platform will expand to include a SIPRnet version in the fourth quarter of FY17. The SIPRnet vCoP will contain the same functionality and layout as the unclassified version, and will enable more robust collaboration and information sharing.

The vCoP is more than just a website. It is a platform where all DON military and civilian personnel can exchange ideas about how to use wargaming to become better warfighters. Success of the vCoP depends on the vibrant engagement of this community. So check out the website and become a part of the discussion.

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