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CHIPS Articles: Interdependency in Resilience Conference

Interdependency in Resilience Conference
NATO, and City of Norfolk, home of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet, to resolve security challenges that range from hybrid warfare to natural disasters
By Allied Command Transformation Public Affairs - May 2, 2017
NATO's Allied Command Transformation and the City of Norfolk are launching a conference that examines “Interdependency in Resilience” May 2nd – 4th, 2017. The conference will be co-hosted by French Air Force General Denis Mercier, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, and the Honorable Kenneth Alexander, Mayor of Norfolk. This flagship event unites high-level officials from across the military, civil and private sectors to work together to enhance our nations’ and partners’ resilience.

Resilience is a society’s ability to resist and recover easily and quickly from shocks and stresses through a combination of civil preparedness and military capacity. The potential challenges addressed at the ‘Interdependency in Resilience’ Conference range from hybrid warfare to natural disasters.

NATO’s Allied Command Transformation encourages a renewed emphasis on resilience based on two increasingly important trends: The risk of the civil and private sector becoming primary targets in today’s interconnected security environment and the military sector’s increasing reliance on civilian-owned or operated infrastructure and capabilities.

“As international security experts and military leaders continue to grapple with the complexity of our future global environment we understand that an integrated approach is essential to our success and that collective resilience is enhanced by working together,” stressed General Mercier. “Our Interdependency in Resilience conference aims to act as a catalyst — helping nations and partners build resilience.”

NATO views resilience as a foundation, underpinning the Alliance’s three core tasks of Collective Defence, Crisis Management and Cooperative Security. The conference serves as part of a joint effort of NATO Heads of State and Government to enhance NATO’s resilience against a full spectrum of shocks and threats — ranging from cyber-attacks through to supply chain and infrastructure vulnerabilities.

“Norfolk is excited to host this significant international event. It is fitting that this event takes place in the mid-Atlantic’s premier coastal city and the newest living laboratory for resilience. Our work with NATO will help cities across the world begin to assess their vulnerabilities and build strength to stresses and potential shocks,” said the Honorable Kenneth Alexander. “As an international port city and a global leader in security, Norfolk understands the importance of collaboration with multiple sectors to ensure that the city thrives.”

The conference is being held in Norfolk, Virginia, one of the world’s first Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities and NATO’s home in North America. Norfolk is an ideal setting to gather the world’s leading thinkers from NATO, the European Union, civil sector and industry leaders from key sectors. Through four centuries the city has withstood storms, wars and pandemics and become home to the world’s largest naval complex, supporting the U.S. Navy’s Atlantic Fleet.

The conference is being designed and delivered in association with OAKAS and the Rockefeller Foundation to identify and stimulate initiatives to help our nations and partners build resilience.

Norfolk, Virginia has been NATO’s home in North America since 1952. Every year, NATO’s Allied Command Transformation contributes $100 million to the local economy.

For more information on the Interdependency in Resilience conference please contact Cmdr. Chris Bennett:

Interdependency in Resilience Conference logo
Interdependency in Resilience Conference logo
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