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CHIPS Articles: Pentagon 3D Print-a-Thon: Towed Buoy

Pentagon 3D Print-a-Thon: Towed Buoy
By DON Innovation - March 23, 2017
A towable buoy will be manufactured using both direct additive manufacturing methods and indirect AM processes. NSWC Crane will utilize in-house additive manufacturing equipment for this effort. Indirect AM processes will be employed where molds, fixtures, and/or tools are additively manufactured and used to fabricate the end-component faster, cheaper, or in a more novel way than the traditional alternatives. Proving this concept will increase visibility within the Navy on the potential common and novel uses of AM for future warfighter support applications.

See the infograph at right for further information.

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Towed Buoy additive manufacturing methods infograph
Towed Buoy additive manufacturing methods infograph
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