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CHIPS Articles: Naval Research Working Group 17 — Register Now!

Naval Research Working Group 17 — Register Now!
By Naval Postgraduate School Public Affairs - March 20, 2017
MONTEREY, Calif. (NNS) -- The Naval Postgraduate School is "Sharpening the Spear" through its cutting-edge research and has refined the agenda for the next naval Research Working Group 17 to be held onboard the Monterey campus, April 18-20.

The NPS Naval Research Program (NRP) is the event organizer and serves as a secretary of the Navy-funded launch point for new initiatives which posture naval forces to meet current and future operational warfighter challenges. NPS's world-class faculty and students are providing cutting-edge developments for operational naval forces across the globe.

The NRWG serves as a continuously improving and evolving forum for Navy and Marine organizations to communicate, review, validate and recommend topics for NPS research in fiscal year 2018.

Marine Lt. Gen. Robert S. Walsh will serve as keynote speaker for this annual event, now in its fourth year. Day one of the NRWG will culminate in a Research Poster Session in the Barbara McNitt Ballroom. NPS faculty will be available to discuss their respective research initiatives and findings with NRWG participating research topic sponsors.

NRWG 17 will introduce a new format and feature a Research Trade Show to showcase NPS research capability. Visiting research topic sponsors will be on site in their assigned booths and will be personally available to meet with individual NPS faculty and students to discuss research opportunities, the benefit(s) to the naval services, and expected deliverables from selected NRP research projects.

Lab tours will serve as another new feature of NRWG 17. They provide opportunity for research topic sponsors to gain a more in-depth understanding of the specific research lab capabilities at NPS. Seventeen unique tours are scheduled for Tuesday, April 18, and nine — three unique and six repeating — tours are scheduled for Thursday, April 20. Detailed tour information can be found at

More than 50 Department of the Navy topic sponsor organizations are expected to participate in NRWG 17. Funding for FY18 is proposed to be $13.8 million. In its three-year history, the NRWG process has generated over 1,000 topics submitted through the NRP Topic Portal, and over 500 research projects have been completed or are in progress as a result of these topic submissions.

Register now by visiting the NRP website at where the NRWG 17 Agenda can be reviewed for complete event details.

Join the conversation with the NRP on twitter @NPS_NRP.

Please note: All Research Topic Sponsors must register for NRWG 17 no later than March 27 by visiting the NRP website and the Topic Portal.

For more information, visit,, or

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