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CHIPS Articles: 8th Annual National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Conference and Expo

8th Annual National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Conference and Expo
Nov. 7-8, 2017
By National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education - March 16, 2017
The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) is seeking timely, topical and thought-provoking presentations for our 2017 annual conference and expo. On November 7-8, 2017, the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, the academic and business communities, our federal, state, and local governments, and the general public will meet at the Dayton Convention Center in Dayton, Ohio, for two days of stimulating intellectual discussions on cybersecurity education. Join us and share your expertise with a highly motivated, professional audience.

This year’s theme, “Challenging the Status Quo: Building a Robust and Sustainable Cybersecurity Ecosystem,” was chosen to inspire presentations that aim to shape the way in which the nation identifies, educates, trains and builds a 21st century cutting-edge Cybersecurity Ecosystem. Presentations should focus on ways to promote and energize employers, government, businesses, educators, and the workforce to offer new opportunities to build a lively community full of ideas that solve one of our biggest challenges: building a capable and robust cybersecurity workforce.

This conference is an opportunity to bring together communities with countless ideas, those who are not afraid to challenge the status quo, and those who can innovate powerful new ways for securing and protecting the nation.

The conference will feature three tracks:

-- Developing Cybersecurity Talent through Education and Training
This track features initiatives and innovations for identifying, recruiting, and educating the future cybersecurity workforce. Sessions will include creative programs to inspire the next generation of STEM and cybersecurity workforce.

-- Nurturing Cybersecurity Communities through Academia, Industry, and Government Collaboration
Collaboration focuses on creative ways that industry and government work with academia to address the growing gap between cybersecurity job postings and the available pipeline of cybersecurity professionals.

-- Professional Development
Professional Development covers the requirements to stay up-to-date in a fast-paced environment: technical education, professional certifications, career development, diversity issues, retention concerns, and staff and personnel management.

Depending on your topic, you may wish to consider the best approach for your presentation. Examples include best practices, panel discussions, demonstrations, lessons learned, and interactive forums.

Submission deadline is May 31, 2017. Selected submitters will be notified on or before June 30, 2017. To submit a proposal, visit:

To ensure the 2017 NICE Conference addresses the interests and needs of the cybersecurity academic, public, and workforce communities, you are invited to propose topics for speakers, panels or breakout sessions. Anyone is welcome to submit a topic for discussion, but only a limited number of topics can be covered in the time available at the conference, so the agenda will be constructed from the most appropriate submissions.

Your opinion is very important to us and we offer our thanks for your suggestions. Topics should align with the goals of National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education. Please be advised that sales-oriented proposals will not be selected.

However, those wishing a forum to demonstrate proprietary tools or solicit business are welcome to participate in our Vendor Showcase in the Expo Hall during the conference. Vendors are welcome and should contact Stephanie Ascher, Federal Business Council (, at to make arrangements for participation in the showcase.

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