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CHIPS Articles: 2017 Department of the Navy Pentagon 3D Print-a-Thon

2017 Department of the Navy Pentagon 3D Print-a-Thon
Join us March 14, 2017, 1000-1400
By DON Innovation - March 8, 2017
The Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition (ASN RD&A) invites you to attend the FY17 Department of the Navy (DON) Pentagon 3D Print-a-Thon Tuesday, March 14.

Twenty naval organizations — including scientists and engineers from across the Naval Research and Development Establishment (NR&DE), maintenance operations, and Marines and Sailors from multiple commands — are presenting items that have been produced through the use of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. Participating organizations have designed and additively manufactured items that demonstrate one or both of the following concepts:

-- Enhanced Warfighting Capability: Demonstrates an innovative use of AM technology to provide enhanced warfighting capabilities (i.e. increased lethality, light-weight components, items customized to mission or warfighter).

-- Readiness/Sustainment: Demonstrates AM to support or resolve an existing readiness, sustainment, logistical, or supply problem.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 1000-1400
Pentagon, 4th Floor, 6th & 7th Corridors

For more information, please contact

Join DON Innovation on or @DON_Innovation or visit the SECNAV/DON Innovation website at

FY17 DON Pentagon 3D Print-a-Thon poster
FY17 DON Pentagon 3D Print-a-Thon poster
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