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CHIPS Articles: Marine Corps Stands Up Rapid Capabilities Office

Marine Corps Stands Up Rapid Capabilities Office
By Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory, Futures Directorate Public Affairs - February 15, 2017
The Marine Corps Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO) was recently established to accelerate prototyping, demonstration, experimentation, and limited equipping of emerging capabilities. The ultimate goal of the RCO is to increase the operating force’s survivability and lethality while informing future force requirements and investment planning.

The Marine Corps RCO seeks to reduce the time between requirement identification and delivery of warfighting capabilities to the operating forces. Under the cognizance of the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory, the Marine Corps RCO draws upon support from Marine Corps Systems Command while collaborating with organizations such as the Department of Defense Joint Test and Evaluation Program, Defense Innovation Unit Experimental, Strategic Capabilities Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; Marine Corps Operational Test and Evaluation Activity, Program Executive Office Land Systems (LS), and Marine Corps Special Operations Command.

In partnership with the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, Test & Evaluation, the Deputy Commandant for Combat Development and Integration has chartered the Marine Corps RCO to lead the Ship to Shore Maneuver Exploration and Experimentation (S2ME2) Task Force.

In conjunction with academia, government, and industry innovators, the S2ME2 Task Force will seek to improve how the Naval Force conducts future amphibious operations in a contested littoral operating environment. The S2ME2 Task Force will host a technical assessment exercise in April 2017 aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton followed by an operational assessment in the Fall of 2017 aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. This joint effort will enable the RCO to accelerate the fielding of new warfighting capabilities.

Image courtesy of MCWL/FD.
Image courtesy of MCWL/FD.
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