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CHIPS Articles: Department of the Navy Releases New Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap

Department of the Navy Releases New Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap
By Navy Office of Information - January 30, 2017
WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Department of the Navy (DON) released its Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap Jan. 23, providing a roadmap to harness diversity as a force multiplier and to foster a culture of inclusion.

"Our Department's strength relies upon the diverse talents and perspectives of our Sailors, Marines and civilian personnel," said Victoria Bowens, director of diversity and inclusion management for the Department of the Navy. "Our differences foster respect and trust, promote a free flow of ideas and enhance collaboration and cooperation between and within organizations."

To help leverage the potential of the Navy enterprise, the DON's roadmap outlines three strategic imperatives to guide efforts to maximize and improve diversity and inclusion programs. These strategic imperatives serve as the cornerstone for improving warfighting presence at the right time, with the most skilled team, ready for decisive operations and combat.

The first strategic imperative is a promise to recruit and access from a diverse group of applicants to secure a high-performing, innovative workforce that reflects all segments of society.

The second is a promise to cultivate an inclusive culture that accelerates opportunities to empower each individual's maximum impact, encourages innovation and collaboration, enhances developmental opportunities, and retains the best talent to enable uniformed and civilian personnel to contribute to their full potential.

The third imperative promises to develop strategies to equip leaders with the ability to effectively manage diversity, be accountable, measure results, and refine approaches to engender a sustainable culture of inclusion.

"In an organization like ours—so reliant on our people—creating a diverse and inclusive community isn't only the right thing to do, it's critical to the successful implementation of our readiness mission," said Bowens.

As we embark upon the uncertain and ambiguous security challenges for tomorrow, she added, our global readiness priorities rests upon our ability to lead and manage a multi-generational, multi-cultural workforce.

A copy of the roadmap can be found at

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