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CHIPS Articles: CHIPS 35th Anniversary — Dedicated to the Navy/Marine Corps Team

CHIPS 35th Anniversary — Dedicated to the Navy/Marine Corps Team
By Sharon Anderson - January-March 2017
CHIPS celebrates 35 years in publication in 2017 as the Department of the Navy information technology magazine. Our founding motto — Dedicated to Sharing Information, Technology and Experience — aligns with our goal: to meet the information needs of our readers and the warfighter.

From humble beginnings in 1982 as a newsletter published by the Navy Regional Data Automation Center (NARDAC) and distributed electronically to 2,500 Navy personnel, CHIPS magazine is now read by an audience of more than 13.5 million over the last three years. Demographics include the DON IT/cyber workforce, academia, think tanks, IT/cyber business consultants and the average IT user.

Did you know that CHIPS became the first electronic magazine when an ASCII text edition was mailed over the Defense Data Network (DDN) to 250 host administrators in 1987 — preceding the World Wide Web by seven years?

Readers have told me they like CHIPS because our articles are written by actual military and civilian IT/cyberspace experts and practitioners. Others have said they have used CHIPS articles as an authoritative source in writing academic papers or in writing point papers in the course of their work.

Since 1999, CHIPS has been co-sponsored by the DON Chief Information Officer and the DON Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) Enterprise Software Agreements and published by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Centers Atlantic and Pacific.

It is my privilege to report on the innovative, creative, enthusiastic and passionate work of the DON IT/cyberspace workforce. To help tell the story of these dedicated scientists, engineers and IT/cybersecurity professionals is truly a joy.

I always say that I have the best job in the Navy!

The CHIPS assistant editor, Heather Rutherford, joins me in thanking CHIPS’s readers and authors for your many years of loyalty and support. Please contact us at

Welcome new e-subscribers!

Sharon Anderson

January-March 2012 CHIPS 30th anniversary cover
April-June 2002 CHIPS 20th anniversary cover
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