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CHIPS Articles: Marine Corps Commandant's Innovation Challenge Results

Marine Corps Commandant's Innovation Challenge Results
By DON Innovation - January 12, 2017
Congratulations to the winners of the first annual Marine Corps Commandant's Innovation Challenge! The Challenge was launched in 2016 to solicit innovative ideas from Marines, Sailors, and government civilians from across the Marine Corps. Winners will have the opportunity to work with the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) to discuss and develop a way ahead for implementing their innovative ideas. To learn more about the challenge winners and results, follow the link.

The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory/Futures Directorate (MCWL/FD) received 129 innovative ideas that were submitted by Marines, Sailors, and Government civilians across the Marine Corps. The Deputy Commandant, Combat Development and Integration (DC CDI) and members of the MCWL/FD were extremely impressed by the imagination and ingenuity of all submissions. Each participant will receive recognition for their efforts.

Following this initial notification, challenge winners will be contacted by the MCWL/FD to discuss the way ahead for implementing their innovative idea. During this initial meeting, the winners idea will be refined and a plan will be developed for the challenge winner to travel and assist in the development of their idea.

Upon completion of prototype development, the MCWL/FD will seek out potential experimentation opportunities for the challenge winners unit. The MCWL/FD will collect experiment results and work with the appropriate HQMC stakeholders for potential transition and implementation of the idea. Furthermore, challenge winners will be invited to Quantico, Virginia where they will be personally recognized by the Commandant of the Marine Corps, DC CDI, and CG MCWL/FD.

Semi-finalists who are recognized in this message deserve special recognition for their challenge submissions. Their ideas have been carefully considered by the MCWL/FD for possible future development and implementation. Although semi-finalists are not considered winners of this challenge, they may be consulted on their project efforts to further mature their ideas.

Challenge winners/finalists:
Maj. Thomas L. Waldron, MCIA, Autonomous Hydrographic Coastal Survey
L.Cpl. Aaron J. Urbanski, 2D INT BN, Autonomous Hydrographic Coastal Survey
Capt. Christopher D. Luger, VMU-1, Follow-me UAS For Troop Overwatch
1st Lt. Warren W.Choi, VMU-1, Follow-me UAS For Troop Overwatch
Lt. Col. Kenneth K.Goedecke, I AND I 5/14, Alternative Antenna Platforms
Capt. Matthew M. Morse, MCLOG, Automating Convoy Load Planning

Challenge semi-finalists:
Maj. Ted W. Schroeder, 4TH MARDIV, High-speed Amphibious UGV
Capt. William C. Selby, MARFORCYBER, SUAS For Indoor Hazardous Environments
Capt. Abraham P. Webb, 3D Marines, Automated LP/OP
SSgt. Romeo, M.Pactores, 4TH Recon Bn, Automatic Pop-up Camo Netting

The next CMC Innovation Challenge will be sponsored by TECOM and announced in February 2017. The challenge topic will emphasize improved decision-making training and education capabilities, which include, but are not limited to education opportunities, instructing methodologies, and learning efficiency.

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