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CHIPS Articles: New Non-resident Training Course Benefits IT Sailors

New Non-resident Training Course Benefits IT Sailors
By Center for Information Warfare Training Public Affairs - November 16, 2016
PENSACOLA, Fla. — The Center for Information Warfare Training (CIWT) released an overhauled version of the information systems technician (IT) rating non-resident training course (NRTC), Nov. 10.

The new NRTC immediately replaces previous versions, which will be archived in six months, and applies to Sailors with Navy Occupational Specialty (NOS) codes B460 (IT) and C260 (IT Submarine). Technological innovations and the Navy's recent rating modernization effort made the older versions obsolete.

"Based on the dynamics of cyber and information technology, our fleet is incurring various modernization projects and updates to systems architecture, hence the old versions were outdated," said Samuel Kelley, the deputy director for the model management/requirements directorate at CIWT. "These new non-resident training manuals will directly support the new accession Sailors assigned to their first fleet or shore work role and enable them to increase their baseline level of knowledge and reinforce 'A' school learning objectives."

Designed for use as a reference guide by active-duty and Naval Reserve Sailors, the NRTC supports individual professionalization, advancement preparation, and Ready, Relevant Learning as part of Sailor 2025.

"NRTC's are not required in order to take advancement exams, but they are highly recommended," said Kelley. "If a Sailor desires to prepare, these will directly help in all facets of providing more insight and knowledge of their occupation."

Kelley pointed out that the updated NRTC was used for the B460 (IT) rating advancement examination readiness review and exam development efforts in early November.

It will also support future modifications to Learning and Development Roadmaps (LaDR's) and be used by Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) working group efforts. As CIWT pursues Ready, Relevant Learning development, the NRTC may be considered as part of future blended training solutions for block learning.

Currently, five modules cover topics ranging from administration and security to cyberspace operations. CIWT is currently developing an additional module for expeditionary and special warfare IT Sailors to be released at a later date.

A new feature with the modules is interactive courseware and end-of-chapter testing capabilities.

"If you answer the questions wrong, it takes you directly to the answer, as we're trying to increase and update the level of knowledge for the Sailor and not have them wasting time trying to find answers when they actually may need the answer now, in support of job work role requirements," said Kelley, encouraging the NRTC's usefulness as an internal command training tool.

Additionally, the manuals can be used as a reference for junior officers, from the information warfare community and those fulfilling communications officer roles, to help them better understand the basic requirements and dynamics of their enlisted work roles.

The NRTC, as well as rate training manuals, is available on Navy Knowledge Online at; select Organizations and Communities and tab to the Learning Centers and CIWT, then select It is also available on the Naval Education and Training Command's NRTC Portal at To activate imbedded courseware and testing capabilities, download to your desktop.

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