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CHIPS Articles: Marine Corps Innovation Challenge Open to Marines, Sailors and Civilians

Marine Corps Innovation Challenge Open to Marines, Sailors and Civilians
Deadline July 15
By DON Innovation - June 21, 2016
The Marine Corps initiated its first logistics innovation challenge on 15 June. LtGen Mike Dana is leading the effort to improve the Corps with innovative ideas. LtGen Dana wants the Corps to take advantage of new technologies such as additive manufacturing, laser cutters, smart watches, and virtual reality. He invites Marines, Sailors, and civilians to brainstorm for ways to incorporate technology to improve gear.

Participants may submit ideas that are as detailed or simple as they desire, teamwork is encouraged. Submissions are evaluated on creativity, feasibility, and potential for benefit to the Corps.

The deadline for the challenge is 15 July and winners will be notified starting 1 August. Winners will be sent to a lab for prototyping and will be invited to discuss their ideas with top leaders.

Marine Corps Innovation Challenge website:

Submit your ideas here, DEADLINE IS 15 JULY:

Read an article about it in the Marine Corps Times here:

Marine Administrative Message 304/16 LOGISTICS INNOVATION CHALLENGES:

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