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CHIPS Articles: 'New to the Navy' Mobile App Upgraded

'New to the Navy' Mobile App Upgraded
By Navy Personnel Command Public Affairs - May 4, 2016
MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) -- The "New to the Navy" mobile application is a one-stop resource for answers to many of the frequently asked pay and personnel questions Sailors may have, and now it's even better.

On April 29, the Navy updated the app providing more in-depth information, streamlining content location, and making overall performance improvements.

Information additions include a new tab category "Links and References," which contains information and links Legal Services and Voluntary Education (VOLED). The Legal Services section covers the types of legal assistance and support the Judge Advocate General provides, such as wills, notary, etc. The VOLED section provides links to the Navy College Program website, the Web Tuition Assistance site, and much more. The update also adds pertinent information for reserve pay and personnel content.

Additional new content consists of updated checklists and content changes. There is a section for Sailors to know what to do when they want to get married while on leave, and what to do when they're getting ready to move to a new command. There are also updates to the list of the Navy's common terms and acronyms to help new Sailors and family members learn to navigate the service's alphabet soup.

The application is available now on all mobile platforms via their respective application stores:



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Official U.S. Navy file photo
Official U.S. Navy file photo
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