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CHIPS Articles: Task Force Innovation — Mission Accomplished!

Task Force Innovation — Mission Accomplished!
By DON Innovation - May 3, 2016
In January 2015, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus established Task Force Innovation (TFI) and directed it with 'harnessing that creative energy of our Sailors and Marines and infusing the ideas that come forward into our operations.' TFI was comprised of innovators of all ranks from across the department, and their charge was to develop a strategy that brought together independent efforts to create a cohesive innovation agenda for the Department of the Navy. In April 2015, Secretary Mabus announced his innovation agenda at the Sea-Air-Space Exposition; this speech kicked-off a series of events and policy changes that spanned an entire year.

On 21 April 2016, the SECNAV Innovation Awards ceremony marked the culmination of Task Force Innovation (TFI), with the Secretary taking this opportunity to recognize Task Force Innovation, its leadership and its remarkable accomplishments. To highlight the successful sprint of TFI, the complete DON Innovation Vision is available for review.

For more information on the Innovation Award winners and ongoing initiatives across the Department of the Navy, please visit the Strategy and Innovation team at the TFI Booth at this year's Sea-Air-Space Exposition, held May 16-18 2016 at the Gaylord Convention Center.

Reprinted from the DON/SECNAV Innovation website: Join DON Innovation on or @DON_Innovation

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