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CHIPS Articles: DON CIO Issues Memo Updating the Acceptable Use of DON IT

DON CIO Issues Memo Updating the Acceptable Use of DON IT
By DON CIO - January-March 2016
This Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer Feb. 12, 2016 memorandum updates existing policy and specifies the acceptable use of DON IT. This policy is a coordinated effort between the Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy for Policy (DUSN(P)) Security and the DON CIO as part of the DON's cyber/traditional security partnership for the protection of national security information and information systems.

DON IT resources greatly enhance our warfighting and business processing capabilities. Appropriately controlling access to, and personal use of, DON IT resources is a leadership issue. Commanders, commanding officers, civilian leaders and officers in charge must ensure users use DON IT resources in an acceptable manner and in accordance with policy. Adhering to this policy and instilling a climate of accountability combined with an effective command education program supports a solid defense-in-depth approach.

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