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CHIPS Articles: Department of the Navy, Naval Enterprise Networks, Issues Second RFI to Industry

Department of the Navy, Naval Enterprise Networks, Issues Second RFI to Industry
By PEO EIS Public Affairs Office - January 6, 2016
Washington, D.C. January 5, 2016 -- The Naval Enterprise Networks (NEN) Program Management Office (PMW-205) released a second Request for Information (RFI) via FedBizOps.Gov on December 28, 2015, accessible via the following link:

Per the RFI, NEN is actively seeking industry input in preparation for the re-compete of the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) contract that expires on June 27, 2018. The Department of the Navy (DON) contemplates competing and awarding several potential follow-ons to the NGEN contract. The purpose of this second NGEN Re-compete RFI is to gain specific industry insight on the potential for competing and awarding an End User Hardware (EUHW) contract.

The NGEN contract, managed by PMW 205, provides network services for the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), one of the largest intranets in the world. The NGEN re-compete contract represents the next phase of NMCI services, providing continued Information Technology (IT) operational support to Sailors and Marines.

“We are using the insight from all responses, particularly as it relates to End User Hardware, to further solidify the requirements and to ensure that we release a quality RFP that industry will be able to bid on and execute in order to provide optimized enterprise services to our Sailors and Marines,” said NEN Program Manager Capt. Michael Abreu, U.S. Navy.

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