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CHIPS Articles: 5 Things You Need to Know about Navy eLearning

5 Things You Need to Know about Navy eLearning
By PEO EIS Sea Warrior Program (PMW 240) - December 21, 2015
WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Since 2001, Sailors have depended on Navy e-Learning (NeL) to help advance their careers and stay current with training requirements, but many Sailors don't know they can access NeL directly without going through any other portals or gateways.

The following '5 Things to Know' provides an easier and more efficient NeL user experience:

1. It's huge and always available. NeL is one of the largest distance learning environments in the world and provides on-demand access to 9,000 Web-delivered courses available 24/7 to military, civilians, contractors, dependents, and retirees.

2. Direct access. Learners should access Navy e-Learning directly via

3. Prevent issues with a configuration and plug-in check. E-Learning users should perform the browser configuration before doing courses. Many course-related challenges can be avoided entirely if the configuration and plug-in check is done in advance, you can find out how to do this on the e-Learning help section. (

4. Search by keyword. For best results in locating a course, you can search using a single key word from the title of the course. For example, to locate the Records Management course, simply search on the key word Records.

5. You can do your training while afloat. There is an afloat version of NeL for shipboard personnel. A subset of NeL training content is available on a local ship server so Sailors do not need Internet access to take training. Course completion data is sent to Electronic Training Jackets on a regular basis. NeL logged 291,000 shipboard course completions in FY 2015.

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