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Feedback to the Fleet:
Reducing Administrative Distractions (RAD) Campaign
By SECNAV Innovation News - September 9, 2015
The Navy has Multiple Unconnected Personnel Databases

Find out what military personnel say and what the Navy is doing to consolidate manpower websites... by clicking: here.

My Navy Portal (MNP) is coming online in January 2016, with additional releases and updates following every 2-3 months through 2019.

“By FY19, all of a Sailor's personnel, training, and education records and data will be contained in MNP for one-stop-shop capability,” according to PMW 240’s Fact Sheet.

MNP will begin by providing a single point of entry from which Sailors can access the many systems they use. With each new update, MNP’s components will be further integrated, eventually resulting in a unified system with a common user experience across various manpower, personnel, training and education applications. The end result in 2019 will provide single sign-on, self-service capabilities.

Find more information on the PEO EIS website.

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