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CHIPS Articles: Navy Seeks Suggestions Regarding Future of Navy And Marine Corps Officers

Navy Seeks Suggestions Regarding Future of Navy And Marine Corps Officers
Game play begins April 27 for officers and senior enlisted
By Naval Service Training Command Public Affairs - April 28, 2015
On April 27, the U.S. Naval Academy and Naval Service Training Command will launch a two-week crowd-sourcing initiative to receive input from officers and senior enlisted Sailors from every community regarding the common core curriculum at the Naval Academy, Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps and Officer Training Command. The interactive website, MMOWGLI, which stands for “Massive Multi-player Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet,” will gather input and start a discussion that will impact the future of the Navy and Marine Corps.

So what is it?

MMOWGLI is an Office of Naval Research and Naval Postgraduate School product and has been employed on over a dozen different projects to utilize crowd sourcing to generate ideas and proposed solutions to large complex problems. Past games include Piracy, Energy, and Electromagnetic Maneuver.

How to play.

Follow the link to the NPS website. Log in and create a username. Once logged into the game, participants will choose a core competency within the curriculum of officer accessions training, identify ideas of concern, and begin a conversation with other game players to refine and elaborate suggestions for officer accession commands.

Within the game, current core requirements are shown under “Current Competencies” cards. “Future Competencies” are your opportunity to present fresh new ideas. As the game continues, other users may comment on your suggestions or build new discussion of their own for you to provide input.

Throughout the two weeks, ideas will build upon one another for review by an officer board of advisors and an executive steering committee following the completion of the game.

Why Is this important?

We need to be invested in our own future. The men and women serving our country right now are the most qualified to provide input on what the Navy will need in the future. Our Navy must stay relevant. Relevancy requires us to invest in both technology and personnel. It requires us to adapt to new mission requirements and the ever-changing state of the world. MMOWGLI is our best opportunity to ensure that we are continually investing in the development of our people, and thereby ensuring our relevancy.

MMOWGLI will be able to obtain fleet and shore inputs from the officer and senior enlisted community throughout the Navy in a manner that will generate a comprehensive set of recommendations that will assist in validating and/or revising the core curriculum for all Naval officers.

Who can participate?

The project is looking for all senior enlisted personnel and officers of any rank from every community to participate. We are seeking the input of unrestricted and restricted line officers as well as staff officers throughout our service. Participants must have a .edu or .mil address to sign up for the game. Game play is anonymous and there is no minimum required time commitment.

The more input received, the greater impact we will have on the future of our officer community. Sign up now and you will be notified next week when the game opens.

Your input will make a difference. View Clip (RT: 3:35)

From Navy Live Blog, the official blog of the U.S. Navy:

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