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CHIPS Articles: DoD News Broadcast Channel Transitions to On-demand

DoD News Broadcast Channel Transitions to On-demand
By DoD News, Defense Media Activity - April 15, 2015
WASHINGTON, April 14, 2015 – The DoD News broadcast channel, formerly known as the Pentagon Channel, will discontinue service as an independent broadcast channel April 17, Pentagon officials announced today.

DoD News will continue producing and airing current military news and information for distribution on the American Forces Network and through the Internet at, both live and on demand, officials said in a news release.

The transition to these delivery methods will provide more opportunities for the military community, stationed around the world and at sea, to keep up with Defense Department news and events, officials said. The new service will provide military members and their families the opportunity to watch live events on AFN or as a video stream on 24/7. Will Archive Programs will archive the programs to allow for on-demand viewing, officials noted.

The channel operated as a separate broadcast channel for more than 10 years. AFN overseas and many commercial cable companies in the United States have used the service.

As technology improved and audience-viewing habits changed, officials explained, Internet-based distribution became a more economical and efficient way to reach the military's geographically dispersed audiences.

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