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CHIPS Articles: New App Helps Officers Navigate Sea of Information

New App Helps Officers Navigate Sea of Information
Six things you need to know
By Defense Media Activity - April 3, 2015
You're drowning in a sea of paperwork as you turn-and-burn on evals and counseling chits. Sailor A needs obvious help with uniform regulations, Sailor B is being put up for Sailor of the Year, and Sailor C just handed you a chit for a pregnancy clothing allowance. Don't you wish there was one place with common instructions and gouge?
  1. A pair of lieutenants designed eDIVO, an app to help division officers find information quickly. The app is available on Google Play and iTunes.
  2. The app is a one-stop DIVO resource that stores Navy instructions and gouge on everything from writing and routing evaluations to navigation rules. Division officers can click on a number of frequently asked questions to navigate to the relevant instructions relating to the many chores and qualifications that consume most of their time.
  3. The app is free and open to the public and will be updated as often as updates are made aware to the designers.
  4. The entire app works offline — or disconnected. Once a user downloads the app, all of the information is available from a disconnected standpoint. Users will need to be connected to receive updates, although this will not be frequent.
  5. The app puts the most commonly used instructions in one easily searchable place. Although it is geared toward surface warfare officers, there is useful information on the app for any officer or chief that leads a division.
  6. The app also boasts an offline rules of the road quiz that officers and sailors can use to hone their navigation skills, as well as a page of links to emergency resources such as suicide hotlines and family services.
Image courtesy of U.S. Navy.
Image courtesy of U.S. Navy.
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