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CHIPS Articles: OPM Releases Recruitment, Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap

OPM Releases Recruitment, Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap
Seeking diversity to fill federal government jobs
By Office of Personnel Management - April-June 2015
The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) released the REDI Roadmap March 9. The REDI Roadmap is a comprehensive, data-driven strategy that utilizes all the tools available to agencies to help the federal government attract, develop, and retain a talented, engaged, and diverse workforce.

REDI, which stands for Recruitment, Engagement, Diversity, and Inclusion, reflects OPM’s commitment to the People and Culture pillar of the President’s Management Agenda. REDI helps agencies across government drive other key Presidential initiatives such as diversity and inclusion, closing the skills gap, and fulfilling commitments to veterans and peoples with disabilities.

“The REDI roadmap was influenced by the incredible insights I gained during my first year as Director, especially in my travels across the country, where I heard from Federal employees, job applicants, veterans, and college students,” said OPM Director Katherine Archuleta. “OPM is collaborating with agencies and stakeholders from across government to help managers untie hiring knots and eliminate barriers to recruitment and hiring. The REDI roadmap provides the tools and strategy that will aid Federal Agencies in their efforts to ensure that our Federal workforce draws from the rich diversity of the people it serves.”

At its core, REDI is based on three ideas: Decisions are based on data. Digital tools are used to attract and engage a model workforce. And, customer service and stakeholder partnerships are at the heart of everything we do, said Archuleta.

When it comes to recruitment, the REDI roadmap outlines efforts to improve the way the Federal government attracts, recruits, and hires new talent. OPM is helping agencies identify and eliminate barriers to recruiting and hiring the diverse talent they need. By making data-driven decisions, we will improve and tackle key areas, including:

  • Untying hiring knots.
  • Revitalizing
  • Improving the effectiveness of the Pathways Program.
  • Expanding the use of social media tools for strategic recruitment.
  • Enhancing OPM’s role as a premier source for innovative recruitment and hiring tools and services.
  • Expanding partnerships with stakeholders, including colleges and universities.
  • Eliminating barriers to attracting diverse talent to the Senior Executive Service.

REDI also focuses on employee engagement and leadership development. Research shows that engagement not only drives productivity and effectiveness in the work place, it is also tied to service, quality, safety, and retention. The roadmap’s efforts to engage employees in ways that will help them best serve America include:

  • Promoting and expanding the use of the, an interactive data visualization tool.
  • Using social media tools to honor and recognize the Federal workforce.
  • Working with the Chief Learning Officers Council to build a government-wide mentoring hub.
  • Training employees in the New Inclusion Quotient, which expands understanding of how employee engagement and inclusion drives organizational performance.
  • Collaborating with Federal affinity and employee resource groups.
  • Offering customized training solutions.
  • Launching GovConnect, which allows employees to share knowledge, collaborate, and apply their skills to solve agency problems.
  • Building a cutting-edge Senior Executive Service that will invest in the talented employees of today and develop the next generation of Federal leaders.

To read the entire REDI Roadmap, please visit Attached you will also find an infographic that summarizes the REDI Roadmap.

OPM Director Katherine Archuleta
OPM Director Katherine Archuleta
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