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CHIPS Articles: Future Force Fall Issue Hits the Web

Future Force Fall Issue Hits the Web
By Office of Naval Research - November 6, 2014
ARLINGTON, Va.-The latest edition of Naval Science and Technology Future Force magazine, featuring an in-depth look at Navy efforts to enhance warfighter performance through science and technology, is available online.

The new fall issue is dedicated to scientific research and technology that can improve warfighting capabilities and the lives of Sailors and Marines. Covering topics from virtual training to the role of women in the Marine Corps, the new edition features articles such as:

  • "How Can We Make Computer Generated Forces More Real?" about replicating actual missions in training simulations, including landing a helicopter on a moving ship.
  • "Hear No Evil: Protecting Against Noise" which details researchers' efforts to protect Sailors and Marines-who work in some of the noisiest environments-from hearing loss.
  • "Building a Resilient Mind" about the quest to understand why some thrive under stress while others falter.
  • "How Did Hunley's Crew Die?" where scientists attempt to unravel the mystery of the 1864 sinking of the Confederate submarine — and the fate of its crew.

The next issue of Future Force will coincide with the Naval Future Force Science and Technology Expo, to be held Feb. 4-5, 2015, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. That winter edition will focus on the topic of power projection, and feature the latest details on some high-profile naval efforts, including the electromagnetic railgun and the first deployment of a shipboard laser weapon system.

To register for the Expo, visit:

To read Future Force magazine online, visit:

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