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CHIPS Articles: Interactive Map: CNIC Monitoring Energy Consumption

Interactive Map: CNIC Monitoring Energy Consumption
By Ensign Egdanis Torres-Dominicci, Commander, Navy Installations Command Public Affairs - September 18, 2014
WASHINGTON (NNS) — The U.S. Navy is increasing energy awareness by incorporating the Navy Shore Geospatial Energy Module (NSGEM), a tool designed to help improve energy efficiency at Navy installations.

Imagine a map with a dashboard in which the buildings of your military installation light up for you to visualize the energy consumption of each structure. The NSGEM offers this technology, which translates information into visual cues for better data interpretation.

The NSGEM will assist the Navy with data accuracy, centralized information, transparency and visibility of information in energy consumption throughout every U.S. Navy installation by translating information into visual cues for better data interpretation.

"While the primary function of the NSGEM is heightened energy awareness and easier accessibility of energy consumption information, the end goal is to increase data credibility while identifying potential savings on energy consumption," said Sandrine Schultz, creator of NSGEM and the energy program manager at Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC).

It is a one-stop shop for every Sailor at all levels of the Navy enterprise for accessing centralized information. This tool enables building-level transparency of energy consumption, facilitates energy cultural behavior changes, and allows personnel to identify areas for improvement while monitoring progress of reduction goals, she explained. These efforts are vital to the Navy's overall goal of 50 percent reduction in energy consumption and the increase in renewable energy usage by 2020.

"Geospatial capabilities are changing the way that we all do business. We turned data into decisions that will help us to better serve and support our war fighters," said Schultz.

This data is available only for Navy personnel by accessing the Energy App. This link will prompt you to gain an SSO account using your Common Access Card. This request is via the NAVFAC Portal in order to control the authorized access to the site. Once you register, all of this data will be available at your fingertips.

This innovative application won the International Special Achievement Award, granted by Geographic Information Services Incorporated. They indicated that CNIC stood out from more than 100,000 other organizations.

"I did my work and I always do my best for the Navy, focusing on making things happen. For me, recognition only means that we are on the right track...let's keep it going," said Schultz, receiver of this high honor award.

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