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CHIPS Articles: Navy Energy Connects on milSuite

Navy Energy Connects on milSuite
By Navy Energy Coordination Office - September 4, 2014
WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Collaborative tools and social networking platforms are becoming increasingly valuable for companies and government entities to ensure that innovative solutions and ideas generated by their workforce are heard by leadership and can foster change that makes them more effective.

In 2009, the military took on this challenge through the creation of milSuite, a collection of online tools and applications aimed at connecting people and knowledge by increasing awareness of military programs, products, teams, and policies.

To improve collaboration on energy topics across the Fleets and System Commands, the Chief of Naval Operations Energy and Environmental Readiness Division (OPNAV N45) has created a collection of milSuite groups that facilitate energy discussions as part of this emerging social business initiative.

MilSuite is a Common Access Card (CAC) enabled tool that allows DoD personnel to create virtual communities, share ideas, and participate in a collaborative work environment. DoD uses milSuite to improve secure methods of collaboration using four types of applications: milBook, milWiki, milWire and milTube. Each application serves a unique purpose to securely connect users to share information.

The OPNAV N45 groups include a Navy Energy dashboard to which members can post energy-related articles, submit blog posts, or engage in discussions. A second group consists of a reference library that serves as a repository for Navy energy-related resources. The third group is the Navy

Energy Innovation group, which serves as an open forum for members to share ideas on energy-related technology, research, and approaches for improving tactics, techniques, and procedures that can increase energy efficiency. Similar to Facebook, members can "like" initiatives or posts, vote on ideas, or add comments to further the discussion.

"Energy is a resource that all members of the Navy community rely on to perform their mission," said Capt. Jeff Maclay, director of the Navy Energy Coordination Office. "The large number of dedicated Navy personnel that have expertise in areas relevant to energy could be a great resource for resolving energy issues and making us more combat capable, so we're eager to hear their ideas and suggestions."

All links below are accessible by registering for a milSuite account and are CAC enabled.

Navy Energy:

Navy Energy Library:

Navy Energy Innovation:

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