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CHIPS Articles: ONR Technology Helps Sailors Toe the Line

ONR Technology Helps Sailors Toe the Line
By David Smalley - February 13, 2014
ARLINGTON, Va.— The TechSolutions office at the Office of Naval Research (ONR) gets requests for new technologies directly from Sailors on the high seas, or Marines on the front lines—and in answer to just such an inquiry, new footwear could soon be making its way to the fleet, officials announced Feb. 12.

A new lightweight boot with a composite replacement toe will begin evaluations from Sailors and naval aviators in the Third, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh and Pacific fleets, starting this month.

“It is a good feeling to help the warfighter in very real and immediate ways,” said Tom Gallagher, director of TechSolutions at ONR. “These lighter, composite-toe boots will meet or exceed current industry standards for impact and compression protection—and increase comfort over long watches.”

ONR Global science advisors, who serve onboard with fleet staffs, are partnering with TechSolutions and assisting with boot testing evaluation by coordinating their introduction into the fleet and collecting data from our operational evaluators.

The new footwear will be initially tested on 150 participants aboard submarines, destroyers and amphibious vessels at several different locations around the globe.

The TechSolutions program is unique in that it interacts directly with Sailors and Marines who see a need for a new capability, or a needed improvement to existing technologies. Once a request has been reviewed and accepted, the department provides rapid-turnaround technological solutions, usually within 12-18 months.

“We listen to what our warfighters tell us they need, and then come up with an answer,” said Gallagher.

Some of the technologies developed with its support have included new 60mm mortar sight prototypes; modernized food service management software; improved flight deck clothing; and more.

The composite-toe boot effort comes amid a shift in the commercial footwear industry, away from steel safety toe caps and toward composites, which are generally lighter weight and offer improved comfort without sacrificing protection. Early composite toe caps were bulky and not offered domestically, experts say, but technological advances in the industry have made streamlined composite toe caps available and are manufactured in the United States.

“More and more of the military footwear manufacturers are making this shift toward composites in their commercial offerings, and we want the Navy to be ready,” said James Martin, the program manager for the project.

The six-month user evaluation is slated to conclude in August. If the new boots get favorable reviews by Sailors, Gallagher says a proposal would be made to Navy leadership to consider using the composite toe caps versus steel toe caps in future footwear production.

“This could be a big deal for our Sailors,” said Gallagher. “If they like these boots, not only could they see improved comfort on ship decks every day, but the safety factor improves as well.”

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert has made it a priority to strike an effective balance between quality of life and work issues for Sailors. Like other Navy efforts to upgrade uniforms, the improved boots are in keeping Greenert’s Sailing Directions, which cite a professional and moral obligation to provide Sailors with the best equipment possible to execute their missions.

David Smalley is a contractor for ONR Corporate Strategic Communications.

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ONR photo of a new lightweight boot with a composite replacement toe.
ONR photo of a new lightweight boot with a composite replacement toe.

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