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CHIPS Articles: NDU Offers Advanced Degrees Online

NDU Offers Advanced Degrees Online
By DON CIO Enterprise IT Policy & Communications Team - July-September 2013
Want a free master’s degree?

The National Defense University’s Information Resources Management College, or NDU iCollege, may be able to help.

The NDU iCollege is the Department of Defense’s “… preeminent education institution for information technology leadership, and is open to DoD military and civilians, federal agency, U.S. industry, and international defense ministry students who meet the requirements,” according to the NDU website. Its mission is to prepare “ … military and civilian leaders to optimize information technology management and secure information dominance within cyberspace.”

The iCollege offers a variety of courses — about 50 are available multiple times throughout the year. The offerings include seven graduate certificate programs and the college’s Master of Science in Government Information Leadership (GIL) degree program. The college also partners with more than 40 universities and colleges across the United States for credit acceptance into several master’s and doctoral degree programs.

Additionally, the college offers courses for career professional development and welcomes students to enroll without seeking a certificate or academic credit, according to the website. The student body is usually a mix of government, military, private industry and international students. To be eligible, prospective students must be at or above “middle management level/experience,” according to the website. For government and military students, that level begins at GS/GM-12 or equivalent and the O-4 pay grade; a private sector student must be sponsored by a government agency. All prospective students must possess bachelor’s degrees. There are no fees for DoD students; this includes National Guard and Reserve students who meet eligibility requirements. Non-DoD, state, local and international students are required to pay tuition and fees.

Courses are taught on campus at Fort Lesley J. McNair in Washington, D.C., or offered online. For full eligibility requirements, payment schedules and more information visit the NDU iCollege website at

National Defense University.
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