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CHIPS Articles: Global Online Training

Global Online Training
NAVSAFENVTRACEN Shifts the Paradigm … Are You Ready?
By Cmdr. Greg W. Cook - July-September 2013
The Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center provides 36 safety and environmental training courses to military and civilian Navy and Marine Corps personnel worldwide. Course lengths range from two to five days and are offered via a variety of learning venues to include resident, video teletraining, and a rapidly emerging venue called global online.

Effective, Flexible and Economical Training
Globally available online classes offer many advantages. Students learn at their own pace and can also interact with instructors and other students. Online classes meet the requirements of OPNAV Instructions 5100.23 series, Navy Safety and Occupational Health Program Manual; 5090.1 series, Environmental Readiness Program Manual; and 5100.19 series, Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Program Manual for Forces Afloat. Other benefits of global online classes include robust assignments, quizzes and tests, online chat room discussions and the availability of additional reference materials.

Students have the flexibility to take classes at work, from an Internet café, library or home. Classes can be taken from a personal or government computer, and students can learn when it is most convenient contributing to a balanced life-work schedule.

The Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center’s online classes also provide a cost-effective solution for decreasing budgets. Commands save on transportation and lodging costs, and travel days become productive workdays. Students can choose from courses not locally available and take advantage of the latest training technology.

What are you waiting for? Register for your next class at

Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center

Cmdr. Greg W. Cook is the commanding officer of NAVSAFENVTRACEN.

NAVSAFENVTRACEN Global Online Training homepage.
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