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CHIPS Articles: DON to Implement FOIAonline - April 18, 2013

DON to Implement FOIAonline - April 18, 2013
By DON CIO - April 18, 2013
The Department of the Navy will implement a new electronic Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) tool across the DON on Oct. 1, 2013.

FOIAonline is a cost-effective, multi-agency, shared service tool that meets all core FOIA requirements. It provides the public with a simplified web-enabled portal to request information from multiple agencies, track responses and access previously submitted requests and released records. The Environmental Protection Agency, Department of the Treasury, and National Archives and Records Administration launched FOIAonline earlier this year.

FOIAonline will provide the DON with the ability to:

  • Accept requests online and track requests in a case file;
  • Manage deadlines;
  • Calculate fees;
  • Research and upload records;
  • Publish electronic records;
  • Accept appeals online;
  • Prepare the annual report; and
  • Search and retrieve FOIA requests and responsive documents.

Many DON organizations are currently using the Naval Sea Systems Command electronic FOIA tool. These organizations will continue to use the NAVSEA tool through the end of September 2013 and switch to the new tool when it is launched on Oct. 1.

For more information about the tool and its capabilities visit The DON point of contact for implementation of FOIAonline is Suzette Buttram, who can be reached at


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