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Play the Game - Change the Game
Electromagnetic Maneuver Massive Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet
By Navy Warfare Development Command - January 15, 2013
To generate innovative ideas from a broad field of participants, Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC), the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) are partnering to conduct a crowd-sourcing online war game on electromagnetic maneuver (em2).

The game, called em2 MMOWGLI, will be available in three one-week phases, 24-hours a day:

  1. "Know the EM Environment: Understanding EM Energy," from Feb. 4 through Feb. 10;
  2. "Be Agile: C2 in the EM Environment," Feb. 18 through Feb. 24; and
  3. "Change Our Paradigm: Tactical Employment of EM Weapons," March 4 through March 10.

Interested players can request to play at After registration, the game can be played on any web browser.

Each phase of the game will start with the partners posting 'root' cards which pose questions on the topic for that phase. Players then post 'idea cards' that other players can respond to by either building on, countering, redirecting, or calling for further expertise. Points are earned based on each idea card's influence and perceived value.

Individuals contributing to particularly intriguing concepts are invited to collaborate on an "Action Plan" to move that idea forward. Published action plans are awarded further points by all players providing ratings and additional comments. Significant achievements will be recognized.

In addition to the unclassified em2 MMOWGLI game, a blog on NWDC’s Navy Center for Innovation classified website will allow military and government players with a SIPRnet account to continue discussions in a secure environment.

Results of the game will be used to inform Navy innovation concept development and experimentation efforts.

The Massive Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet (MMOWGLI) exercise, a joint effort between the Office of Naval Research (ONR), Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and Institute for the Future (IFTF), is an online game designed to crowdsource ideas and strategies that may provide insight to some of the Navy’s toughest problems. With the help of multimedia and web 2.0 technology, MMOWGLI creates an environment where players are asked to share new ideas and collaborate with others to earn innovation points and win the game.

About the Partners
Navy Warfare Development Command
links tomorrow's ideas to today’s warfighter through the rapid generation and development of innovative solutions to operational challenges. Our unique synergies and capabilities help move the fleet forward through the 21st century.

As an executive branch agency within the DoD, the Office of Naval Research supports the President’s budget. ONR provides technical advice to the Chief of Naval Operations and the Secretary of the Navy.

The Naval Postgraduate School provides high-quality, relevant and unique advanced education and research programs that increase the combat effectiveness of the Naval Services, other Armed Forces of the U.S. and our partners, to enhance our national security.

Navy Warfare Development Command:
Office of Naval Research:
Naval Postgraduate School:

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