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CHIPS Articles: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 Available for Home Use Program

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 Available for Home Use Program
DON military and civilian personnel with active NMCI accounts can use the HUP for a minimal fee
By Sharon Anderson - January-March 2013
The Department of the Navy, through its contract with Hewlett Packard (HP) for the Navy Marine Corps Intranet, is entitled to Microsoft’s Home Use Program (HUP) as a volume license holder with Microsoft.

The HUP allows government civilian and uniformed personnel presently with active NMCI accounts to obtain a licensed copy of the current versions of Microsoft Office, Project or Visio desktop applications to install and use on a home computer if these products are also installed on their NMCI computer, regardless of the version on the user’s work computer.

Who is Eligible

Participants must have a valid NMCI email address in order to participate, for example,, or The HUP is a software assurance benefit extended to the DON by HP under the NMCI contractor’s license with Microsoft. If users have a non-NMCI computer or a legacy computer, even though they have connectivity to the NMCI network, they cannot participate in the HUP. Home use or secondary usage rights for their Microsoft products, is contained in their non-NMCI license agreement with Microsoft. Contractors are ineligible to participate.

Products Available

Specifically, the DON’s NMCI HUP includes*:
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 (Contains: Word 2013, Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Outlook 2013, OneNote 2013, Publisher 2013, Access 2013 and Lync 2013);
  • Language packs for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 (available for $9.95 each);
  • Microsoft Visio Premium 2013; and
  • Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011.**

*Applications should only be purchased for home use if used at your work place.

** If you use Office Professional at work and have a Mac at home, you can order and use Mac Office 2011 at home.

There is a minimal charge for the administrative costs of obtaining the software, including media and shipping. Each product costs $9.95 for processing and handling, plus local sales tax for an electronic download service, payable via a credit card for each product ordered. Media, if requested, is an additional $13.99.

Terms & Conditions

There is no specific expiration date to the Home Use Program license. However, if you leave the Department of the Navy, or your agency/command discontinues its software assurance coverage or you are no longer a user of the licensed software as part of your employment, your license terminates and you should discontinue use of the software. Your agency/command should notify you if any of these conditions apply.

Only one copy of each product can be obtained per NMCI email address, and you are restricted to only one home computer for hosting the obtained Microsoft product. However, although you cannot purchase more than one license, it does allow for two installations on one PC and one "portable device" (i.e., laptop).

For portable devices, simply download the software (if you don't have media) from the HUP email you received from Microsoft. The email must be accessed via your portable device. You also must use the same product key.

You can upgrade only when a newer version of the software application is offered.

If you change computers at home after purchasing a version of Office (PC or Mac), you can switch to a new office version (PC or Mac) only when Microsoft replaces the Office Professional or Mac Office version offered on HUP with a new version. Under the provisions of Software Assurance, Microsoft will offer its latest versions on HUP. Please check the ordering website for offered product changes.

The HUP is for personal home use only for eligible DON personnel. The HUP is not a substitute or alternative Microsoft purchasing program for government-owned computers. DON personnel are not allowed to share the Home Use Program products with anyone. This includes family members. Loading copies of Home Use Program software on PCs or laptops not being used to augment employees working at home is a violation of the licensing agreement and must cease immediately.

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer (DON CIO) website hosts a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the DON’s Home Use Program to help users determine their eligibility with specific information about the terms and conditions of using the HUP. Also provided in the FAQs is a step-by-step instruction for eligible NMCI users to order available Microsoft products from the DON’s HUP. DON HUP FAQs are available at:

Who Can Help?

The point of contact for the HUP is the director of commercial IT strategy for the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer (DON CIO) and co-chair of the Department of Defense Enterprise Software Initiative program, Mr. Floyd V. Groce. He can be reached at or (703) 695-1917.


Microsoft’s Home Use Program (HUP)

NMCI Homeport
Specific ordering information for NMCI users who want to participate in the Navy’s HUP is available from the NMCI Homeport

DON CIO Information Technology Policy and Guidance

Sharon Anderson is the CHIPS senior editor. She can be reached at

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